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Ground Control
In space, no one can hear you sing....
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11th-Jun-2010 10:30 am - My show is going to Hollywood Fringe!

Part of the first-ever Hollywood Fringe Festival
Appearing in the first ever Hollywood Fringe Festival, the wildly popular and critically acclaimed Friends Like These takes a candid and poignant look at the staggering issue of violence in our high schools. Garrett is an outsider who spends most of his troubled existence in a fantasy world called Haven...that is until he meets Nicole, the popular cheerleader with a curious mind. As quickly as things begin looking up for Garrett, they come crashing down, forcing him to face both his past mistakes and his harsh present reality while he struggles for redemption. This gut-wrenching piece will unswervingly explore the emotional trauma brought on by social mores during high school, forcing a confrontation with the causes and tragic consequences that left us staggered as a nation during Columbine and other high school shootings. For more information...>>
Friends Like These, an original play by los angeles playwright gregory crafts
11th-Jun-2010 10:24 am - Next Saturday night...
Theatre Unleashed presents BOARDING THE MOTHERSHIP - a 24 hour theatre event - June 19th @ 10:30pm - ONE NIGHT ONLY

Theatre Unleashed is celebrating the anniversary of the first documented UFO sighting in North America with another of its signature 24-hour theatre events...Boarding the Mothership. The evening before the show, writers will be given a specific topic related to aliens and UFOs, tons of caffeine and just a single night to write a short play. It will immediately be handed over to a director and a few actors who have only that morning and afternoon to produce their piece. Theatre Unleashed will then showcase the end results that night. These have proven to be one of the company's most popular events. Come, earthlings, see what the buzz is all about! For more information...>>
Theatre Unleashed  presents Boarding the Mothership - a 24 hour theatre event
Fringe or Bust @ Straylight KaraokeCome on out for a night of karaoke and prizes as the Friends Like These Fringe or Bust Campaign takes over STRAYLIGHT Alternative Karaoke at Roberto's on Friday, March 26th from 9pm until 2am!

A $5 suggested donation gets you in the door. These donations will go directly to funding the production of Friends Like These at the Hollywood Fringe Festival Come on down, sing a song, have a drink and maybe win some prizes!

If you're a karaoke rock star, jump in on our Crapshoot Karaoke contest and let the KJ pick your song. Rock hard enough and you might walk out with a prize from Gentle Giant Studios!

Don't want to put your fate in the KJ's hands, but still want to take a chance? No problem! Get in on the 50/50 raffle and you might leave with more money in your pocket than you came in with! Tickets are 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 12 for $10 or 25 for $20! Half the pot goes to the lucky drawing winner, the other half to Fringe or Bust! It's a Win-Win situation!

Good friends, good drinks, GREAT CAUSE! Support the Arts!

686 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

21+, Doors Open 9pm-2am
Outdoor Patio, Indoor Stage
Dining available until midnight

STRAYLIGHT is brought to you by Ground Control Karaoke

For more information on the Fringe or Bust campaign, go to http://www.friendsliketheseplay.com
28th-Oct-2009 11:59 am - Masquerade Ball this Sunday
Have you missed the super secret song list? Do you wanna see more of Jeff the Zombie? Or perhaps win some tickets to Universal Studios?

Then throw on your Halloween Costume and join us on All Saints Day for our show this Sunday:

A Serial Killer has been terrorizing Atoll for two months now. But Constable Barnaby has set a trap for them...at the Masquerade Ball.

Karaoke Illuminati will be working their magic during the after-party following the show. So, come get yer freak on!

Dungeon Master: It's Neither Fetish Nor LARP
29th-May-2009 04:55 pm - Clarification...
I was told recently that we are no longer allowed to sing the Experimental Tracks at GC.

However, we clearly have been (Mrs. O just last Monday).

So, I was confused and wanted to ask for clarification on that.

Not into kickin' the ball around with the boys?

Don't care about the teams playing?

Want to take advantage of the low traffic and go out?

Come on down to the Spot, adventurers, and take advantage of:

- An extensive dining menu and beverages
- Ample parking
- Audience as Foley Artists
- Monkeys, Masked Vigilantes, and Mexicans
- And opening performance by the band Windows to Sky.

Oh, and of course it is all FREE, my friends.

Come and partake in the Extraordinary this Sunday!!

Need to catch up on the story so far? Last week's episode is already up online here: Mexico Strikes Back: Episode One (mp3)
17th-Dec-2008 10:55 am - Ground Control Potluck -- 12/22!
Hey folks,

We're going to do a potluck dinner on 12/22. Anybody who wants to participate, please reply here, letting us know what you're thinking about bringing.

At this moment, everything's wide open. I'm thinking about doing up some barbecue. I figure we could use maybe three other entrees -- at least one of which vegetarian/vegan, and it'd be nice if there were dairy-free and gluten-free options, as well, for those among us with allergies.

Sides / hors d'oeuvres / desserts -- however much of whatever you care to bring. Some variety would be good, though. If everyone brings creamed spinach, the baby Jesus will cry.

If you're bringing something that needs to be kept hot, please bring a Crock Pot or chafing dish for it if you can. Likewise, if your dish needs to be cold, try to bring an ice chest. We won't have access to the kitchen. Aside from the electric grill, there aren't any means to keep food at a constant temperature.

If you can't cook (or just don't feel like it), you could bring plates, napkins, plastic ware, serving utensils, condiments, chips... just no drinks. Aside from the question of whether it's legal to bring beverages into a bar, Jewel lets Andrew hold GC at the Catch and only asks for the bar proceeds. Plus, Bartender Mike needs his tips.

See you on Monday!
20th-Oct-2008 03:26 pm - Frente!
I was surprised to see that no one knew the FRENTE! video for Bizarre Love Triangle (after I embarrassingly tried to reenact it the other night), so I thought I should post it:

(for the record I own two of their albums)
12th-Oct-2008 01:24 am - September Pictures!
Finally put them up:

6th-Oct-2008 07:19 pm - Guess what's for dinner tonight?

I want to find this!!

(At the end they quickly go, "And Ramen too, please!"
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